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Preparing Files

When creating documents to send to us for output, please ensure that:

Files are in an acceptable format, including: QuarkXpress, Indesign, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Freehand. (Programs such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Excel are NOT professional layout programs, and are known to be problematic. Due to the time-consuming nature of these file formats, extra charges may be incurred for submitting such files.)

Document dimensions are correct.

No lines or anchored rules are thinner than .2 points.

All images are correctly positioned.

No images have been rotated in layout software (i.e. Quark XPress, Adobe PageMaker). Instead, rotate high-resolution images in photo manipulation software (i.e. Adobe PhotoShop).

Vector Graphics (EPS files from Illustrator, FreeHand, CorelDRAW!) do not have excessive points and long paths have been split.

Logos and graphics created in programs like Illustrator and FreeHand have the type converted to paths.

The status of all imported pictures or links is "ok."

You have used only fonts that you intended to use.

All unused colors have been deleted.

The pasteboards surrounding all pages are empty.

Bleeds have been extended at least 1/8" beyond the actual document dimensions.

Blends are not longer than 7." As a general rule, due to Postscript constraints, banding will occur in blends longer than 7."

Process Separation has been designated for all process color builds.

If you are using Adobe PageMaker, Indesign or Illustrator, do not embed graphic files when placing in document. Supply graphics as seperate links instead.

Do not rename colors. PANTONE 121 C should NOT be renamed PMS 121, and names such as "new color swatch", or "Custom Gold" should NEVER be used.

Colors defined in Adobe Illustrator or other applications should be consistent - CVC, CV, etc.

Before sending files to us, please make sure that you have included the following:

ALL printer and screen fonts required to print the document.

ALL EPS and/or TIFF files.

ALL original application files.

Final laser prints of all document pages, including separations, if applicable.

Name(s) of all files to output.

Page ranges to output for each document.

Line art bitmap images should be saved at 1200 DPI.

If you are providing print resolution bitmaps (rather than having us scan them for you), for best results, please use these guidelines:

Scan the image at the appropriate dimension for your document. An 8 x 10 original image being used in a 4 x 6 space need not be scanned at 100%.

Do not enlarge the scanned image beyond 120% when placing it in your document.

Try to follow the 2 to 1 rule. The resolution should be two times the line screen. For example, 150lpi x 2 = 300dpi.

Bitmaps for process color separation need to be CMYK EPS or CMYK TIFF files. Do not send JPG or GIF images.

Do not use compression methods (i.e. LZW or JPEG) on placed images for output.

Do not use RGB images, convert to CMYK.

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